Afternoon Links

Inside the creation of Europe’s first underwater museum

Wikileaks is a de facto arm of Russian security services. They have a preferred candidate. It’s not the former SecState.

Is it time we looked at Turner differently?

A history of authors in court

That’s kinda why you shouldn’t nominate a “rookie” to be President of the United States, Useless Turtle Mummy. “I am willing to kind of chalk it up to the fact that our nominee rides the short bus to work…vote to make him the most powerful man in the world!”

What does Hillary want?

What she actually wants to accomplish in office is a great mystery. We know what she wants to be, but not what she wants to do. And the sobering answer to that question may very well be: She hasn’t thought much about it. She wants to walk in the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as something other than a mistreated appendage of Bill Clinton, as though that action would somehow undo 30 years of abuse and degradation. When she discovers that it won’t, even the literary powers of a Tom Wolfe would be insufficient to capture the moment. You’d need Herman Melville, if not an Ezekiel: “Mine eye shall not spare, and I will have no mercy.” At least it’s an ethos.

Terry Teachout revisits America’s forgotten modern composers

No one wants to watch Little Donald. Sad!

Tolkien’s long, dark poem The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun to be republished this fall

Iceland has a sea monster museum

Before Trump there was William Jennings Bryan

The country will survive Hillary Clinton. It will probably be worse off than it was before, but that’s the choice Republicans made when they nominated Donald Trump.”

Two old visitors to the Metropolitan Museum will stay awhile

How much will he spend to take down KKK leader David Duke, who is running for Senate in Louisiana? (Spoiler: $0). How much will he spend to take down some Democrats? None? Oh, so weird.

To get a job at the Strand bookstore in New York, applicants have to complete a literary quiz on 10 book titles and authors. There is also one trick question.

Today in everything is awful

Love and pride in Shakespeare’s Trojan War play, Troilus and Cressida 

What a sad, strange little man

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