Your Morning Cup of Links

New species of Pacific beaked whale confirmed

After Alexander

YES: “Why I can’t wait for the return of Gilmore Girls, the intelligent woman’s TV show”

Of course

Yep, but not gonna happen under Obama

What Trump doesn’t know about allies

The architect who became a diamond

Everyone has lost their damn minds

Yeah, I can’t vote for these people. Write-in or stay home it is.


Top men. Top. Men.

General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was almost 7,000 miles away from his office at the Pentagon when a mysterious call came in on a Friday night. It came from the number of his Turkish counterpart, Gen. Hulusi Akar, the leader of Turkey’s military and a critical ally in the fight against ISIS. But when Dunford’s office staff answered, it wasn’t Akar’s voice on the other end of the line — it was his kidnappers’, who, hours before, had started waging a bloody coup in the streets of Turkey. With Turkey’s top general and presidential confidante held hostage, they needed Dunford’s support. The general was asleep in Afghanistan during a routine visit to US forces there. He had already been roused once before for an unrelated issue, and his staff decided not to wake him. They told the coup plotters Dunford wasn’t available, and hung up the phone.

“Big Pharma” certainly has its downsides. But it has its upsides too.

Trump in the last 10 days:
1. Revive Cruz/Oswald conspiracy
2. Invite Russia to influence US election
3. Smear parents of a fallen hero
4. Trash a retired 4-star General 
5. Attack fire marshals for doing their jobs
Unhinged. What a disgrace.

A piano salesman with no showroom? No problem. These piano-lovers will make their homes available for use.

“George Thomas’s The Founders and the Idea of a National University is much more than a historical narrative. It is a work of civic art. The title is unassuming: one expects a historical study of the (failed) attempts to establish a national university in the United States—and the expectation is not disappointed—but the author’s concern is decidedly broader and much more ambitious. Thomas’s book is about American identity and the character of the nation and its people, and it offers a troubling prognosis for the political health of the country.”

In the past the GOP only pretended to be the Know Nothing Party. Now it really is.

Four Masterpiece PBS must-knows for 2017

Rocking Bach

Big museums need to stop hoarding treasures nobody ever sees

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