Afternoon Links

Great reporting on ISIS terror ops abroad

Claire Harman’s Charlotte Brontë: A Life is excellent.

Trump told Loudoun County in Northern Virginia (the richest county in America) its economy is terrible, citing the closure of a factory in North Carolina.

“Top security folks in all the Baltic states now plainly call the Republican nominee ‘the Kremlin’s man’…”

She swam to escape Syria. Now she swims in Rio.

Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest notes on friction

Joseph Epstein on Marcel Proust, “the greatest mama’s boy in all of literature”

The strange rites of the ancient Olympics

Dear Trump apologists, stop whining about elites when you’re worse

“Donald Trump can go to hell and if you defend his statement, so can you.”

How Katie Ledecky became better at swimming than anyone is at anything

Hilarious. BBC accidentally broadcasts Aziz Ansari subtitles over nature show.

The enduring legacy of The Twilight Zone

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