Your Morning Cup of Links

Edmund White on Nabokov’s great gay comic novel Pale Fire

If the Olympics were held in space

Head to the Whitney for “Stuart Davis: In Full Swing,” which celebrates “the only first-class Cubist to emerge from North America.”

World’s largest aircraft leaves hangar for first time ahead of maiden flight

Irreplaceable books donated by America to an English village decimated in a wartime disaster have disappeared.

Space church and the infinite set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

“Donald Trump does not understand this, because he isn’t a real businessman — he’s a Potemkin businessman, a New York City real-estate heir with his name on a lot of buildings he doesn’t own and didn’t build and whose real business is peddling celebrity and its by-products.”

Reading helps you live longer, according to new study

Frederick Law Olmstead and the creation of Central Park

Mary Wellesley takes a trip to Alexander Pope’s grotto, recalling its extensive history.

I can’t believe this even needs to be said, but these are the times we live in: No, Obama is not the founder of ISIS.

God I fucking hate these people. Grow up. Be adults.

The sharks that live to 400

New Jersey is truly the worst place in America, Chapter 3,927

How about a trap door that opens into a lion pit for the kids instead?

The murky history of the butterfly stroke

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