Your Morning Cup of Links

Court awards museum Nazi-looted Cranach paintings

Students discover rare Albrecht Dürer woodcut in museum storage room

“If nationalism is supposed to do anything, it’s supposed to unify the country. When I look at these so-called nationalists, though, I don’t see a unifying force. I see the latest entrants into a decades-old game of subdividing the country into tribes seeking to yoke government to their narrow agendas.”

World’s most photographed wild animal, a crocodile-eating tigress, dies

Spanish widow who ruined fresco inspires opera

“The Plight of the White Working Class Isn’t Economic, It’s Cultural”: Correct. Their problems are largely due to divorce, drug addiction, and disability fraud (aka problems of their own making) and Trump’s not going to fix any of that, no matter how much they wish it.

The mystery behind the missing Winston Churchill portrait

Six years in, “the reality is that a typical Obamacare plan looks more like Medicaid, only with a high deductible.” If only a very loud group of people had warned that this is exactly what would happen.

Is forensic science ruining the romance of art history?

The magician behind R2-D2

Excited for this Queen Victoria BBC series coming to PBS this winter

The food of the Depression

Ridiculous: The University of Wisconsin–Stout to remove two murals because of their depiction of American Indians.

Franz Kafka’s manuscripts belong to the National Library of Israel, high court rules



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