Your Morning Cup of Links

Why are people so stupid?

*bangs head against wall* Massachusetts to tax ride-hailing apps, give the money to taxis

MY GOD, what a terrible life she has. The poor dear. God I fucking hate these people.

Meanwhile, in the category of Useful Human Beings: this “One-Woman FEMA” is changing lives amid disaster in Baton Rouge

Paris exhibition to celebrate life and works of Oscar Wilde

And so shines a good deed in a weary world:

The University of Chicago sent a message to incoming students this week that it does not accept the culture of “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” that has taken hold on many American college campuses.

What an incredibly brave woman

Clinton, Inc. made millions off deals with Skolkovo, which “just happens” to be a front for Russian intelligence. Both major party candidates are completely unfit for office. #NeverTrump #NeverHillary

Missing the night sky

Community-based projects on the local level do far more to alleviate poverty than federal welfare programs. Someday Americans will understand this again.

Remember when the Nobel Peace Prize was given to the weapons inspectors? Good times.

Fuck D.C.

Five years ago, a new quirky-sounding consumer-rights group set up shop in a sleepy corner of Capitol Hill. “Consumers for Paper Options is a group of individuals and organizations who believe paper-based communications are critically important for millions of Americans,” the group explained in a press release, “especially those who are not yet part of the online community.”

This week, Consumers for Paper Options scored a big win, according to the Wall Street Journal. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Mary Jo White has abandoned her plan to loosen rules about the need to mail paper documents to investors in mutual funds.

Mutual funds were lobbying for more freedom when it came to mailing prospectuses — those exhaustive, bulky, trash-can-bound explanations of the contents of your fund. In short, the funds wanted to be free to make electronic delivery the default, while allowing investors to insist on paper delivery. This is an obvious common-sense reform which would save whole forests of trees.

Consumers for Paper Options fought back. The group warned that changing the default from paper to electronic delivery would “Confuse potentially millions of investors who suddenly stop seeing important printed fund performance material from investment firms.”

Floating oyster bar tests owners’ mettle

Burke in an age of Trump

The secret Jews of The Hobbit

Closest rocky planet to our solar system found

Goddamn Europeans:

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may make it illegal for American cheese makers “to use common names rooted in regional European culinary traditions like feta, muenster, or parmesan” for their cheeses. “This provision is just the latest in a long crusade by traditional European cheese makers against the willy-nilly usage of their region’s dairy terms by foreigners. In the early 20th century, some European states blocked the importation of foreign products using their names, hoping to protect the integrity of their culinary heritage.”

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