Your Morning Cup of Links

7 reasons America needs a taco truck on every corner

She’s either retarded or she’s lying. You decide.

Reading Prison opens doors for Oscar Wilde art project

No no no no no. Kill me now.

A rarely seen Rembrandt is coming to the Frick


NASA probe takes first-ever close-up images of Jupiter’s North Pole

I love this so much:

“Daddy, what language do you talk with Mommy?” My little boy has been speaking to me exclusively in English since shortly after we came to America from Israel.

Arabi,” I answered him, in Arabic, as I always do: I don’t want him to forget his language and his Palestinian roots.

“So Daddy, you and Mommy are Arabis?”

“That’s right, sweetie. Me and Mommy talk Arabi.”

“So, Daddy,” he continued, “that means you and Mommy ‘haaave the meats!’ ”

“What?” I was baffled.

“He thinks you’re saying Arby’s,” my older son explained. Then he set matters straight for his little brother: “Mom and Dad are Arabs, not a sandwich place.”

There are people in this world who want to prevent cats from going outside in order to save rats. These people should be on some kind of medication.

Welcome to the World Nomad Games: Sports include eagle hunting, bone throwing and mas-wrestling, a mesmerising game involving two competitors attempting to wrest control of a small stick.

The mystery of Emily Brontë’s 16-inch wide coffin

How Star Trek overcame a troubled launch 50 years ago to become a pop-culture institution

How artists have depicted eclipses across history

How old is young Hamlet?

The Great Fire of London’s silver lining

The role that Marxism-Leninism played in the Soviet Union’s twenty million state-sanctioned murders.

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