Unusually Stupid Primates of the Week


Jesus fucking Christ. This may be the first election in which all the major candidates genuinely reflect the stupidity and ignorance of the average American. We get the candidates we deserve. Also, enough with the Russia love, you morons. Putin doesn’t want to hold hands with us. He is our enemy. He wants whatever is bad for America and the Western world. Get it through your fucking heads. And a few minutes later this happened: Obama’s clown former ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill mocks Johnson while simultaneously saying that Aleppo is the capital of ISIS (it’s not).

Oh, and the New York Times doesn’t know what Aleppo is either:


So, congrats to everyone for being on the same ignorant page. It’s a real shame we don’t have a technology yet where you can type words into a machine and find out information about them in mere seconds.

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