Your Morning Cup of Links

Nicholson Baker spent a month working as a substitute teacher and wrote a book about it:

Many of his substitute assignments entailed working as an ‘ed tech,’ essentially an assistant in another teacher’s classroom, tasked with helping struggling students. He thus had the chance to witness full-time teachers doing their jobs. They relied heavily on worksheets, flashcards, and playing movies and TV shows. The students had iPads issued (and paid for) by their schools, but seemed to use them more for procrastination and distraction than for learning. In one elementary-school music class, children were told to color in pictures of Beet­hoven, Bach and Mozart, instead of singing or learning an instrument. Few of the teachers demonstrated impressive intellectual capacity. One could not pronounce the word ‘coterie.’ Another asked ninth-graders to reflect on how ‘Plutonic’ love is depicted in Romeo and Juliet.

Michael J. Lewis considers Frederick Law Olmsted’s accomplishment

“Pneumonia Virus Terrified After Remembering What Clintons Capable Of”

That’s because he’s not a Republican.

Wow. Amazing technology: “Watch this F-16 take over when a pilot passes out”

A helpful step-by-step guide to defending every Clinton scandal

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign needs to hire better liars”

Oh by the way, Trump is a fucking scumbag.

The story behind The Last Bookstore, a truly amazing place for bibliophiles.

Fifteen years after 9/11, al Qaeda is better-positioned than ever before.

What motivates art collectors?

Museum project finds looking at art helps dementia patients

A different view of Jack London

The Pot Sommelier: Weed Next to Wine at the Dinner Table

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