Firearms Friday


Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes

Record gun sales in August

Using shooting gloves

Illinois background checks triple in August

Good guy with a gun stops Minnesota mall stabbing spree

Indiana sees surge in CCL applications, number of female gun carriers skyrockets

Watch The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah accidentally destroy the case for gun control

Missouri becomes the 11th constitutional carry state

The booby trap bra is a great option for packing heat on a run

Knocking down the leading myths about guns

Journalists should be a lot more skeptical of new gun study

Gun rights group files $12 million suit against Katie Couric over deceptive edit

The New York Timeslack of gun knowledge is embarrassing

“Lest anyone think this kind of training is a burden, or a sad concession to a broken and dangerous world, it is both challenging and enjoyable. The bonus is the people. Spend much time around the world of trainers and serious gun owners, and you’ll spend time with some of America’s best. American ‘gun culture’ ultimately isn’t about weapons, it’s about the people.”

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