Your Morning Cup of Links

The Mel Gibson Quandary: Can we enjoy the films of a disgusting human being?

Why do people care about Tim Tebow?

As Faulkner lay drinking

I know I’m late to this, but I finally watched Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series and it’s great. I highly recommend.

London’s lost rivers

Oliver Stone continues to be one of the dumbest people on the planet.

The English country house between the wars

“That some part of this republic’s well-being should be dependent upon a ceremonial exchange of words between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump — two of the most dishonest, vapid, and empty human-shaped things in American public life — is enough to induce despair. But millions will watch, and one must wonder what, exactly, it is they hope to get out of it.”

Not really disappointed in Cruz as a politician (I expected this, I’ve always thought he was an opportunistic little shit), disappointed in him as a MAN. How you could endorse someone who insulted your wife like that, the mother of your children…and your father…it’s just beyond me. What a craven son of a bitch.

She has to be trying to lose, right? Is there another explanation for this?

In the running for the dumbest idea of all time

What about Baconator McBaconface?

Grand New Party?

This anatomy of Obama’s Syria policy (and its loyal media tribunes) is devastating

North Korea’s internet has 28 websites

This is not an article: why René Magritte is a timeless genius

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