Your Morning Cup of Links

No matter who wins the election, we all lose

KU bars gorillas from jungle-theme decoration due to ‘masculine image’

As expected, the debate was an embarrassment for all involved

I’ve always liked this kid

Ted Cruz strikes a blow for small government

BREAKING: Woman gives birth to baby

This really is the worst goddamn year

Lee Rosenbaum finds the Brooklyn Museum’s overhauled collection of American art oddly selective

A nearly essential Goethe

And they deserve to be slapped

Trump’s insanely low debate expectations were still too high

One day Assad and Putin will burn in hell together and that will be a great day.

Ancient Roman coins found buried under ruins of Japanese castle leave archaeologists baffled

The lesson Ted Cruz taught us

Eight takeaways from Trump’s awful night

Bear at Polish zoo finds WWII mortar grenade

Fantastic Ilya Somin piece absolutely dismantling pro-Trumpers garbage “BUT JUDGES” argument

Commander-in-Chief Trump? It’s a terrifying prospect.

“An unprepared Trump proved that he’s not ready to be commander-in-chief. He’s most dangerous where he has the most power, and that should send a chill down every American spine.”

Anyway, vote Evan McMullin if you still care about the founding principles, and the country, and national security and shit. You know, the things Americans have apparently decided they no longer care about. He’s on the ballot in about 30 states now.

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