Your Morning Cup of Links

Revisiting France’s post-war artists’ alley

Smuggling Nikita Khrushchev’s memoirs out of the Soviet Union

Under Hawaii’s starriest skies, a fight over sacred ground

This should matter but it won’t. But it always feels good to say I told you so.

In case you’re in the mood to take a dive into the swamps this morning.

Stiffing small businesses that aren’t rich enough to sue him is Trump’s business model.

“Hezbollah is not plotting against us.” That may be the stupidest goddamn thing that’s ever come out of his unbelievably stupid mouth.

The squalid afterlife of artists’ estates

Painting valued at $26 is actually $26 million Raphael

Josiah Ober revisits Socrates’s death

Two centuries of laughing gas

Sabotage speculation gathers around SpaceX explosion

Madison and the perils of populism

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