Your Morning Cup of Links

A dearly departed Istanbul cat gets a commemorative statue

Old Master works may reveal giant forgery ring

It used to be seen as the enemy. Now the internet is helping independent book stores.

The perfect marriage: Einstein and…comics?

Inside NASA’s quest to find Earth 2.0

The ‘quiet catastrophe’ of men choosing to not seek work

The world’s fluffiest wildcats are getting their own park

How “weird” became an economic strategy for hipster cities

How many fish are in the sea?  Artificial intelligence, autonomous submarines, and drones are here to help.

A rock-and-roll version of Beowulf

17th century Flemish masterpiece discovered in museum storeroom

The Basrah Museum, housed in the former palace of Saddam Hussein, opens its doors

Review: Tristan Gooley, ‘How to Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea’

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