Your Morning Cup of Links

If only someone had told you idiots not to nominate this fucking asshole.

I love Jake Tapper so much.

Yep. We warned you. We tried.

Gardens of Petra rediscovered

Steven Donoghue reviews The Big Book of Jack the Ripper

“Speaking for myself, I don’t demand a Lincoln. You get one every century, if you’re lucky. But maybe some minimal standards, some loose connection to right and wrong?

“In the meantime, as this sorry episode plays itself out, it will be useful as a reminder not only of how cheaply some people will sell out their own integrity…but also of how much even good people can convince themselves of the most foolish things.”

Discovering the Pacific

Caspar Netscher: obscurity as a selling point


Buckley’s greatest book?

A hundred million times better

Give natural history museums back to the grown-ups

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