Afternoon Links

Prince Albert buys Philadelphia home of mom Grace Kelly

Surfing under the Northern Lights

There is not much to like about you. You are intellectually and morally stunted, a creature of pure politics who has never had a single interesting or original idea. You are deeply corrupt yourself and a source of corruption in others. The republic truly deserves better than you.”

Jesus, just leave it alone already. Come up with new ideas, Hollywood, instead of just making shitty remakes of good, old films.

“If Trump comes up short against a desperately flawed Hillary Clinton, it will be his failure and his alone. So if Kellyanne Conway is preparing for the blame game, she needs to go about it differently. The first thing she should do is direct the candidate’s attention to what is surely one of his favorite household accoutrements : the mirror.”

Revisiting War of the Worlds

Lucasfilm shutting down unsanctioned lightsaber school with lawsuit

LOL. Trump Hotels ditching name as bookings drop 59%

What endures in Wittenberg

What could go wrong?

“A New Biography of Hitler Separates the Man From the Myths”

“The perils of a Trump presidency remain far more menacing — especially with the man’s demonstrable lack of impulse control and propensity for picking pointless fights. In opposing the election of the most dubious candidate ever nominated by a major party, Republicans of conscience aren’t suddenly switching sides. We’re not on the Democrats’ side, or Hillary’s side. We’re on America’s side, protecting the land we love from a uniquely dangerous demagogue.”

Yep. They’re both unfit for office.

Revisiting the hot spots and homes of New York’s abstract expressionists

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