Afternoon Links

British book dealer slain for his first edition of ‘The Wind in the Willows’

5 reasons football fans are losing interest in NFL games

“The price I’ve paid for opposing Donald Trump”

Rare Salvador Dalí stage curtain up for auction

Conservators find Kirchner painting under Kirchner painting

“Scrotox.” Where are you, SMOD? Hurry up.

Yoga would probably be a better use of this lady’s time than bitching at toy companies about bullshit.

Italy’s ‘monuments men’ unearth treasures from ruins of Amatrice quake


What a fucking clown

It’s been ignored (and probably ruined) because of Trump, but the GOP has a lot of excellent young Senators/Congressmen with excellent ideas.

Inside the impossible life of a New York street vendor

The lost virtue of cursive

A quiet revolution: Charter schooling’s first 25 years

The difficult life of Betty MacDonald, author of the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books

Winston Churchill in South Africa

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