Your Morning Cup of Links

Gun with which Verlaine shot Rimbaud up for auction

This should be a bigger story, but Republicans nominated Donald Trump, so oh well.

Fuck these people

Dear Christ, I don’t think anything has ever made me want to vote less than this unbelievably awful PSA.

Gustav Klimt’s women, real and on canvas

An illuminating biography of J.M.W. Turner

“It seems unintentional, but Andrew Veenstra’s Romeo reminded me of the unemployed twenty-somethings who used to hang out at the food court offering to buy vodka for girls too young to drive.”

Voted for Evan McMullin yesterday. Go Evan go!

Ulysses S. Grant: New Biography of ‘A Nobody From Nowhere’

This drone could find the Lost Colony of Roanoke

The one positive about Trump’s candidacy is it has exposed the frauds and charlatans among us. Sadly, I have learned that much of the Right is no better than the Left.

What kind of a dumbass watches this show with their small children?

Victimhood and contemporary art

The election is over. It was over the day the GOP nominated Trump. There’s no point in fighting about it anymore.


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