Afternoon Links

Aristocrats of the sky

“The Republican majority in Congress is like a hard and unpleasant job with long hours, but one that pays reasonably well: If you don’t like it, try doing without it for a while and see how that works out for you.”

Was Picasso making fun of the subjects of his portraits?

Burn this insane asylum to the ground and salt the earth around it.

Michael Dirda’s Halloween book picks

“You are being lied to. What makes you an idiot is that deep down you really know it and don’t care. You threw your support to a Clinton donor and now only read websites that lie to you to convince you the lies are truth. That’s pathetic.”

How diamonds can be harnessed to store data for the long term

I can’t wait to read this book.

Can a spoonful from Pepsi help the medicine go down?

‘Afghan Girl’ in 1985 National Geographic photo arrested in Pakistan

The Italian mafia is reportedly trading arms for art with ISIS

“The Redneck Tenor”

Roasted swan for dinner? Oldest English cookbook reveals 200 meals fit for a king

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