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eyeroll The only show of force most of these guys will be showing on Tuesday will be yelling from the basement for mom’s meatloaf. Tell these assholes to fuck off by going out and voting.

“A Face In The Crowd” is the best movie ever made about populism. I highly recommend viewing it this election season.

There is only one pig in Afghanistan. His name is Khanzir.

“An Election Is Not a Suicide Mission”:

A vote for Trump is not a vote for insurrection or terrorism or secession. But it is a vote for a man who stands well outside the norms of American presidential politics, who has displayed a naked contempt for republican institutions and constitutional constraints, who deliberately injects noxious conspiracy theories into political conversation, who has tiptoed closer to the incitement of political violence than any major politician in my lifetime, whose admiration for authoritarian rulers is longstanding, who has endorsed war crimes and indulged racists and so on down a list that would exhaust this column’s word count if I continued to compile it. It is a vote, in other words, for a far more chaotic and unstable form of political leadership (on the global stage as well as on the domestic) than we have heretofore experienced.

It is a hard thing to accept that some elections should be lost, especially in a country as divided over basic moral premises as our own. But just as the pro-life movement ultimately won real gains — in lives saved, laws altered, abortion rates reduced — by accepting the legitimacy of the republic even as it deplored the killing of the unborn, so today’s conservatism has far more to gain from the defeat of Donald Trump, and the chance to oppose Clintonian progressivism unencumbered by his authoritarianism, bigotry, misogyny and incompetence, than it does from answering the progressive drift toward Caesarism with a populist Elagabalus.

Not because it is guaranteed long-term victory in that scenario or any other. But because the deepest conservative insight is that justice depends on order as much as order depends on justice. So when Loki or the Joker or some still-darker Person promises the righting of some grave wrong, the defeat of your hated enemies, if you will only take a chance on chaos and misrule, the wise and courageous response is to tell them to go to hell.

I couldn’t vote for either of them, but this is the most compelling case by a Republican for voting for her. Here’s a small excerpt, but go read the whole thing:

The lesson Trump has taught is not only that certain Republican dogmas have passed out of date, but that American democracy itself is much more vulnerable than anyone would have believed only 24 months ago. Incredibly, a country that—through wars and depression—so magnificently resisted the authoritarian temptations of the mid-20th century has half-yielded to a more farcical version of that same threat without any of the same excuse. The hungry and houseless Americans of the Great Depression sustained a constitutional republic. How shameful that the Americans of today—so vastly better off in so many ways, despite their undoubted problems—have done so much less well.

Trump does not need to achieve a dictatorship to subvert democracy. This is the age of “illiberal democracy,” as Fareed Zakaria calls it, and across the world we’ve seen formally elected leaders corrode democratic systems from within. Surely the American system of government is more robust than the Turkish or Hungarian or Polish or Malaysian or Italian systems. But that is not automatically true. It is true because of the active vigilance of freedom-loving citizens who put country first, party second. Not in many decades has that vigilance been required as it is required now.

California is the 2nd worst state, Part 9,814

All the best writing on Jack the Ripper in one Big Book

Paul Nash: A very British Modernist

What Trump has already cost America

Trump’s deep corrosion of our national identity, both at home and abroad, has been immediate and it will be lasting. Trump has ground away at what was once the basic decency of American voters…A President should inspire us and encourage us to be better than we are. Trump has degraded us, urged us to be as bestial as we wish, and to immerse ourselves in the kind of hatreds and prejudices that would make our lives in a community and as a nation utterly impossible. He has encouraged us to abandon our duties as citizens of a republic, our heritage as Americans, and our very souls as human beings.

I sincerely feel bad for people who think either of these train-wreck candidates will make their lives better in any way.

How teens in the Balkans are duping Trump supporters with fake news

The resurrection of old school horror

A fascinating history of Soviet Central Television

Thank you, Bill. I give you credit for admitting it.

God bless charter schools

Elephant footprints teem with life

It took over a year but, in a last-ditch effort to give him command of our nuclear arsenal, Trump’s staff finally managed to wrest away his Twitter account. Let’s put the most important decisions in the world in the hands of a toddler who needs to have his phone taken away because he can’t behave like an adult.

Can’t overstate how much respect I have for Michael Medved, Glenn Beck and others who have put principles over money.

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