Your Morning Cup of Links

The politics of private life

“Bard for Life: The First Folio and the Making of Shakespeare”

Or you could, you know, get behind a more robust federal system and stop trying to nationalize everything.

“Hacksaw Ridge” is an excellent movie. I highly recommend it.

The bargain basement Kennedys refuse to go away. We’re going to be stuck with these people forever.

Lol. Embarrassing.

How a British bookbinder helped save some of Florence’s rarest books

Trump sucks, but making shit up doesn’t do anyone any good.

The plain, powerful painting of the Le Nain brothers

The forgotten Dutch artist who was two centuries ahead of his time

Lol. Will be hilarious if Trump gets Congressional Rs to amend Obamacare instead of repeal it. Something Hillary never would have been able to get them to do. Also, if it does get repealed, whatever replaces it will be 90% like Obamacare but with a different name.

LOL. What a disaster. Fucking clown show.

Windows are replacing walls in modern architecture. But should they?


New image of Davy Crockett discovered in Fort Worth museum.

Asshole destroys statue while trying to take selfie

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