Your Morning Cup of Links

Almost my entire Facebook news feed for about the last two years has just been fake stories and lying memes (on both sides). We really are in a post-factual age. It’s not good.

Oh man devastating I bet he’ll quit tomorrow.

Elections have consequences, Part 794,703

Harambe to make racing debut at Churchill Downs on Wednesday

You’re not helping, dummies. And, for the record, Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk who endorsed the Alien and Sedition Acts and wanted to deport troublemakers.

This and Romney as SecState would go a LONG way. I would almost get back my will to live.

Parisiennes during the Nazi occupation

Most of this is hot garbage, but number 9 is absolutely correct.

The strange Victorian Bensons

Looking forward to seeing this movie

The Old Electoral College Try

Modern figurative art — abstraction’s poor relation — gets a timely advocate

The end of identity liberalism

A closer look at the relationship between A.E. Housman and the country he called home

Germany saves Thomas Mann’s $13.25 million LA villa from demolition

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