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Weekend Art Break II

“Self-portrait with champagne glass”
Max Beckmann (1919)


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Weekend Art Break

“Self-Portrait with his Wife and a Glass of Champagne”
Lovis Corinth (1902)


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Afternoon Art Break

“The Fighting Temeraire”
JMW Turner (1839)


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Oh fuck off


Congrats to the humorless Leftist pricks on Twitter who made Cinnabon delete and apologize for this cute tweet (which I’m confident Carrie Fisher would have found funny).


Oh and then Steve Martin dared to say Carrie Fisher was beautiful in his tribute tweet and you scolds hounded him until he deleted that too. You’re the reason we have Trump, you stupid motherfuckers.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Penguins feed on jellyfish with prominent sex organs, underwater footage shows

Breaking the ice with Beethoven

How James Madison saved the Constitution by writing the Bill of Rights

Farewell to one of the greats

George Washington University history majors no longer need to take a U.S. history course

Drunk composers

The unlikely friendship of Rilke and Rodin

A retired doctor visited a Paris auction house in March with a portfolio of drawings. It contained a work now attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and valued at about $15.8 million.

Replica of ancient Lascaux cave art opens in France

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2016 says ‘fuck you’ one last time


You’re the worst, 2016. Just the worst.


Rest in peace, Princess.


You were one hilarious badass.


Just the best



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Afternoon Art Break

“Two Wine Glasses”
John Singer Sargent (1874)


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