Afternoon Links

Trump has managed to do one thing right so far.

A closer look at an alternate version of the Exodus story

“Failsons of Weimar America”

One of the very few positives out of this whole Trump mess is the endless humiliation of Chris Christie.

“Flynn had technicians secretly install an Internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden”

“The unsentimental education of the English girl in pearls”

The tyranny of Fidel Castro and his useful idiots

If you can’t go to the Sistine Chapel, bring the Sistine Chapel to you.


This is why having a businessman as POTUS is not actually the best idea.


“Hiring freezes, an end to automatic raises, a green light to fire poor performers, a ban on union business on the government’s dime and less generous pensions — these are the contours of the blueprint emerging under Republican control of Washington in January.” My god, how truly terrible this would be. Especially being able to fire employees for poor performance. Unthinkable. The horror!


Trump’s Carrier deal is just cronyism as usual

Nun fashion is way more fascinating than you realize

The task now for conservatives: hope for the best, assume the worst, rebuild our movement

Gorilla warfare: Why are these apes committing mob violence?

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