Your Morning Cup of Links

Proud to be a member of this group of conservatives. Wish there were more of us.

Attention British people and/or Anglophiles with large quantities of British currency: look at your five-pound notes. A micro-engraver has etched teeny-tiny portraits of Jane Austen onto four of these bills, which substantially increases their value.

Painting the American Revolution

In her new book Naming Thy Name, Elaine Scarry tries out a new theory—she believes she’s identified the beloved man to whom Shakespeare addressed his sonnets.

British villagers baffled by flocking Chinese tourists

Escape from East Berlin

Everything about this story is infuriating.

Without the Electoral College, we’d be more likely to have a dictator

“I served with James Mattis. Here’s what I learned from him.”

“It’s not cold fusion…but it’s something.”

Donald Trump and the rise of alt-reality media

A history of England in Spain

Tim Robbins proves improv for inmates can work wonders

The architectural vision of John Soane

When it comes to classical music, can China beat the West at its own game?

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