Your Morning Cup of Links

Museum denies authenticity of newly revealed van Gogh drawings

How the seaside emerged as the holiday destination of choice

Great Damon Linker piece on the intellectual bankruptcy of the postmodern Left. When you’re not grounded in anything you have no need for the great books, or for history.

Why Justin Timberlake sings ‘may’ instead of ‘me’

Iceland is full of hidden poets.

Magic mushrooms and cancer

Dream of new kind of credit union is extinguished by bureaucracy 

An experimental drug’s failure raises questions about a leading theory about the cause of Alzheimer’s disease

Kafka’s sexual terrors were ‘absolutely normal,’ says biographer

Inside Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson’s epic literary feud

“Lear turns us all to fools and madmen”

Solving a mystery behind the deadly ‘Tsunami of Molasses’ of 1919

Oldest-known tablet of the Ten Commandments has been sold for $850,000

Orson Welles’s protracted second act

The art of Hollywood backdrop paintings

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