Afternoon Links

“Trump wants to impose 35 percent tariffs on . . . somebody. He does not seem quite sure. One of the reasons for that is that Trump has the question of trade deficits mixed up in his head with the question of offshoring and, like most Americans, he does not understand either of them very well.”

Vinyl sales overtake digital sales for first time in UK

The lost art of painting on cobweb canvases

YES! “Unfortunately,…viewers…misinterpret Frank Capra’s dystopian nightmare as a heartwarming Christmas tale.”

Gin enjoys record sales in 2016

Baby dinosaur’s 99 million-year-old tail, encased in amber, surfaces in Myanmar

Jamming with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Inside the making of Home Alone‘s fake gangster movie

Rare Leonardo da Vinci drawing, worth $16 million, discovered by Parisian auction house

The battle for Mosul stalls

Media attacks on HGTV’s Gaines family and Victoria’s Secret are part of why Trump won

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra returns $500,000 looted Signac painting

“Hook” deserves a place in Robin Williams’ Hall of Fame

Secrecy and the Royal Archives

Inside CostCo: The Magic In The Warehouse

Stravinsky’s lost Funeral Song to receive its first performance in 107 years.

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