Your Morning Cup of Links

They “sounded as much like Bernie Sanders supporters as Trump voters.” Lol. Shocking!

Glad to see Tom Cotton has come back to his senses after a brief flirtation with the dipshit brigade.

Italian cop, also a sommelier, teaches wine skills to inmates

Vatican McDonald’s divides opinion

“No one who lived through the Cold War could call those dark and dangerous decades ‘the good old days.’ Hundreds of millions of people lived in political and social repression and economic and spiritual deprivation behind the Iron Curtain. Things were far better in the free world, but the political tension and specter of war, even a nuclear war, were ever-present. What I do miss, however, was the moral clarity that won the Cold War. It has been replaced by a rising tide of moral equivalence as the memories of what real evil looked like have faded.”

A CIA calendar the CIA gift shop refuses to sell? Yes, and here’s the strange story behind it.

“Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Not a nut, not a leftist, and not an irresponsible intellectual”

The need to read

Russia’s new favorite jihadis: The Taliban

What made George Washington different from Benedict Arnold?

Picasso’s self-portraits from the age of 15 to 90

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