Your Morning Cup of Links

Botticelli’s Venus to go on view in the United States for the first time

I’m very pleased with Trump’s SCOTUS pick. Anyone who wants the executive restrained should be. He’s done two things right so far: Mattis and Gorsuch.

13 most beautiful opera houses around the world

Sotheby’s Americana week brings in $19.4 million

“I do sometimes wonder, sincerely, at what appears to me to be a genuine lack of self-respect on the Left. No one believes Chuck Schumer helped put a right-wing extremist on a federal court, and no one believes Gorsuch is an extremist. But the ritual incantation must be made, because that is what is demanded.”

Correct: “We should fear ‘Brave New World’ more than ‘1984’”

Bibliomania: the strange history of compulsive book buying

Cigarettes are still sublime

‘The Hobbit’ book returned to a New York library after a 38-year unexpected journey with a U.S. Marine

Smart, emotionally stable people enjoy morbid humor

Gary Taylor argues that Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in 1603, not 1601. Jonathan Bate disagrees.

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