Your Morning Cup of Links

Saturn’s massive hexagonal storm is revealed up close in stunning new Cassini image

In NBC interview, former President George W. Bush reminds us what it was like to have an adult in charge

North Korea executes five senior officials with antiaircraft guns

ATF agents used a web of shadowy cigarette sales to funnel tens of millions of dollars into a secret bank account

When the enemy of your enemy is – your enemy

What an unbelievably terrible idea

American Girl has forgotten everything that made it unique

Iceland’s hottest new reality TV show is just a live stream of cats

Diary of a Gulag prison guard

On poetry protests and why there are so few well-known conservative poets

Truth and fiction in Jane Austen

“Necessity used to be what forced us to grow up. That was the stick, and sex was the carrot, and between the two of them young men were forced/inspired to get off their asses, go to work, and start families of their own from time immemorial until the day before yesterday.”

Inside the quiet, prophetic politics of C.S. Lewis

Is a preoccupation with equality the most dangerous threat to democracy? Alexis de Tocqueville thought so.

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