Your Morning Cup of Links

A queer taste for macaroni

The art of medieval embroidery

The radical argument of the new Oxford Shakespeare

John Dixon Hunt revisits the life and work of English landscaper “Capability” Brown 

Religious art will never die

The thrill of the black marching band

A restaurant run by grandmas from all over the world

Why the Stonehenge tunnel is monumental folly

The President is off his meds again

Art and money

Because they’re idiots who need to get a life?


The blood of Komodo dragons is loaded with compounds that could be used as antibiotics, researchers found


Like I’ve been telling you for years, they’re not going to get rid of it. They actually might make it worseThis GOP health care bill is neither a repeal bill nor a replace bill. It’s more of a fix bill. Except it doesn’t fix anything. The ability of Republican leaders to park themselves at the exact intersection of bad policy and bad politics is really something to behold. The Left is going to scream no matter what, so maybe just go ahead and do the right thing, guys. To be fair, neither Trump nor most Americans are willing to do what actually needs to be done to fix the problem, so here we are. Most Americans want other people to pay for their stuff. That’s who we are now, sadly. Which is why I’ve been saying for years that Obamacare – or a version of it – is here to stay.

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  1. thank you for the interesting links!

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