Your Morning Cup of Links

“Giving the figments of your imagination a name and an involved back-story doesn’t make them real. It just makes you nuts.”

Massive, incredibly detailed statue of Ramses II found beneath Cairo neighborhood

Been weaning myself off lately. Social media is one of the worst things we’ve ever invented.

Were Gambia’s borders created by British cannonball fire?

“In crafting this bill, it does seem like Republicans in Congress forgot what it is that conservatives believe…Among them is the belief that the federal government cannot expand access to health insurance in both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. Even if it could, that isn’t the federal government’s job. The GOP replacement for ObamaCare pleases no one because it is an effort to synthesize two fundamentally incompatible philosophies.”

Oh goodie. More Trumpian big government, big spending Leftism to look forward to. Seriously, read this on Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure wish list – that no one is sure how to finance – and tell me how it differs from Bernie’s.

Using Shakespeare to ease the trauma of war

How the CIA forgot the art of spying

Did an earthquake shrink Mount Everest?

As I’ve told you before, Wikileaks characterization of leaked documents isn’t accurate. It’s running a disinformation campaign.

Asteroid mining sounds hard, right? You don’t know the half of it.

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