Your Morning Cup of Links

This: “Trump’s arts funding cuts will take us back to the 1950s. Good.”

“Eliminating the NEA is not a program for punishing artists but for liberating them — from bureaucracy, from mediocrity, and, above all, from subservience to politics.”

New medieval galleries bring knights’ gear back to Art Institute to ‘Game of Thrones’ fans’ delight

Sentenced to Shakespeare

What a fucking disaster. Thank you, House Republicans, for saving us from this.

Love this Continetti tribute to Robert Osborne

Yep. Sad!

Yep. The bill failed because President Toot Toot the Truck Driver doesn’t know or care about any of this.

Paul Ryan deserves a ton of blame too. The bill was shit and the idea that this is the House Freedom Caucus’s fault is absurd.  HFC is being blamed for making the naive mistake of assuming the GOP wanted to do what they’ve been promising for seven years.

These people are so incredibly brave.

Step inside the model plane shop where NASA flies the future.

What happened to Newcastle’s dream for a vertical city?

The allure of deserts

The real Mr. Darcy?


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