Weekend Links

You’re supposed to be the grown-ups of the English-speaking peoples, UK. What the hell are you doing? Is there a worse politician in the world than Theresa May?

Elite high schools plot to undermine college admissions

India’s book-buying habits say a lot about the country’s economy

“The narrative the Democrats desperately want is that Trump is under FBI investigation for criminal activity that invalidates the 2016 election, and has committed impeachable offenses. The facts they actually have are a lot less sexy: a president who wouldn’t respect the FBI’s independence and couldn’t understand why the FBI Director couldn’t publicly exonerate him when he wasn’t under investigation. But those facts are ugly enough in what they say about Trump’s ability to run a government that inspires confidence in the impartial administration of justice.”

How the remains of five Archbishops of Canterbury were found by accident

Pet rats

Comey’s testimony was a self-inflicted disaster for Trump

Babies can recognize faces while still in the womb, scientists find

Expats flood Valencia

Is it wrong to tidy up Emily Dickinson’s “torturous” punctuation?

Torching the modern-day Library of Alexandria

Caravaggio’s compassion

Seoul’s Brutalist revival

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