Your Morning Cup of Links

Dunkirk and our crisis of national identity

Today in “if Obama had said it”…This is also rich coming from a guy whose actual house looks like it was decorated by Flavor Flav’s dentist.

The long and strange quest to discover where babies come from

The slow death of the electric guitar

There is no man on a horse coming to solve our problems, no matter how ‘tough’ he is — or pretends to be.”

The GOP has become the party of the grotesque

Special Forces test out ‘Boba Fett” combat helmet

It’s not good to see so many generals in the White House

A reporter’s journey through Tripoli: Long lines, kidnappings, and murder

Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela?

A history of the short story

Why Broadway’s “1984” audiences are fainting, vomiting, and getting arrested

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