Your Morning Cup of Links

Cooking with Gogol

How photography influenced John Singer Sargent

Singing with new lungs

Your feel-good story of the day

People who shelve their books with the spines facing in are monsters. Who does this?


Glad to see the “let’s be adults instead of wussy garbage babies” movement is growing: “There is a growing sense that we are entitled to have the world adapt to our preferences, instead of the other way around…Put your pet in a damn carrier, as people did for decades in a system that worked totally fine before everyone became incredibly self-centered. Thank you.”

People still pay attention to this talentless fucking idiot for some reason.

“Philip Larkin and Me”

Bernstein at 100

African Science Fiction

Are delivery apps killing restaurants?

East End easels

Edward Lear in full

How a dodgy German biologist influenced art nouveau


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