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Afternoon Links

There is an obvious price to be paid for essentially becoming a party devoted to trolling.

How many great minds does it take to invent a telescope?

Why I hate Jeff Sessions, Chapter 67

Settle down, America.

Trump vs. the Russia investigations

What happened to literary politicians?

Why 40% of Vietnamese people have the same last name

Over 600 Roman statues stored in a basement for 40 years to go on display

Will Hurd is the future of the GOP (hopefully)

This National Gallery of Art program helps people with memory loss ‘connect with who they were’

We need great critics now more than ever. Where are they?

Syria is burning bodies in a crematorium to hide mass killings

Jimmy Kimmel is everything that’s wrong with America’s healthcare debate

More states are pushing to let kids use sunscreen at school without a doctor’s note

This is…amazing.

I think the following is probably true. And it’s why he shouldn’t be president.

But several advisers and others close to Trump said they wouldn’t be surprised if Trump gave information he shouldn’t have. One adviser who often speaks to the president said the conversation was likely freewheeling in the Oval Office, and he probably wanted to impress the officials. “He doesn’t really know any boundaries. He doesn’t think in those terms,” this adviser said. “He doesn’t sometimes realize the implications of what he’s saying. I don’t think it was his intention in any way to share any classified information. He wouldn’t want to do that.”

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Your Morning Cup of Links

A convent in the Andes that has 20,000 books in its library, 3,500 of them printed between 1450 and 1800, is a reminder of how much physical labor was needed to store knowledge.

The rise of canned fish

So great:

Three Islamic State militants setting up an ambush in a bitterly contested area of northern Iraq were killed by a herd of stampeding boars, local leaders say. Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of anti-ISIS forces, told The Times of London the militants were hiding on the edge of a field about 50 miles southwest of Kirkuk when the boars overwhelmed them Sunday.

Word. Old millennials, FTW.

Broadway’s tiny giant: Larry Hart reconsidered

Obama’s Iran deal is even worse than we thought and I already thought it was the worst thing ever.

The ‘Oh, Never Mind’ President

Why not spend your vacation looking for ghosts in Hamlet’s castle?

How a book series has preserved Appalachian culture for nearly 50 years

Premature lambs kept alive in ‘plastic bag’ womb

The paintings of Peter Doig and the poetry of Derek Walcott make for an “entrancing collection”

The theft that inspired Les Misérables

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The popularity of American country music in rural Norway

Want to buy an old CIA rendition jet?

The sad and cowardly spectacle of the anti-anti-Trump movement

Why did California spend $1 million to fire a single bureaucrat?

Is this the underground Everest?

Michelangelo’s forgotten statue of the risen Christ to go on display in London

A history of gin

Turner’s port paintings

Why the period of rapid economic growth between 1948 and 1973 might never happen again

Alas, poor Yorick! The shocking life of theatre’s greatest skull

Can neuroscience help us understand art history?

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The universe is as spooky as Einstein thought

The luxurious history of dogs in India

How the credit rating was created

Rice vs. Trump is like the Iran-Iraq War for the IC. Can they both lose?


This. Stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton happen. She’s not happening.

The sea otters of Morro Bay have made a comeback, defying man and nature

The dinosaur classification system that has been used for more than a century? A computer upended it in 5 minutes.

These people eat monkeys and piranhas. They also have the lowest rates of heart disease ever measured.

Here comes the Pizza Gestapo

ESPN has seen the future of TV and they’re not really into it

When every day is ‘Groundhog Day’

The most expensive library in the world?

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Your Morning Cup of Links

This: “Trump’s arts funding cuts will take us back to the 1950s. Good.”

“Eliminating the NEA is not a program for punishing artists but for liberating them — from bureaucracy, from mediocrity, and, above all, from subservience to politics.”

New medieval galleries bring knights’ gear back to Art Institute to ‘Game of Thrones’ fans’ delight

Sentenced to Shakespeare

What a fucking disaster. Thank you, House Republicans, for saving us from this.

Love this Continetti tribute to Robert Osborne

Yep. Sad!

Yep. The bill failed because President Toot Toot the Truck Driver doesn’t know or care about any of this.

Paul Ryan deserves a ton of blame too. The bill was shit and the idea that this is the House Freedom Caucus’s fault is absurd.  HFC is being blamed for making the naive mistake of assuming the GOP wanted to do what they’ve been promising for seven years.

These people are so incredibly brave.

Step inside the model plane shop where NASA flies the future.

What happened to Newcastle’s dream for a vertical city?

The allure of deserts

The real Mr. Darcy?


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Your Morning Cup of Links

‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Saffron growers look to get a foothold in the U.S.

This. Stop whining.

The French origins of think tanks

Good. More please.

Whitman’s first rule of manliness and health: eat meat

But not people. That’s very unhealthy.

America’s atheists

Conservatism for losers

Camille Paglia predicted 2017

Barbarians and the civilized

Michelangelo’s grave miscalculation

The environmentalist who unintentionally killed millions

Why youth wasn’t enough in Egypt

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Sex and death in Homer

Otherworldly architecture in Japan’s magical mountainside

Newly discovered Mark Twain children’s story to be released this fall

Submerged in the cosmic kingdom

‘Walden,’ the video game

How the bald eagle became a nuisance

The Spartan way of life

Istanbul: A tale of three cities

How good was Evelyn Waugh?

The Victorian influence on African-American writers 

A nation changed by breakfast

The visual artists who inspired Brahms

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