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Your Morning Cup of Links

Don’t resign, Jeff Sessions. Make him fire you.

If only a loud group of people had warned that this administration would turn into a horrendous clusterfuck.

“It is a multitiered tower of political idiocy, a sublime monument to the moronic, a gaudy, gleaming, Ozymandian folly that leaves many of the president’s prior efforts in its shade. Let us walk through the levels of stupidity one by one…”

“Mr. President, please be quiet.”

It won’t change, because he can’t change. Character is destiny, now and forever.”

Why it’s hard to take Democrats seriously on Russia

Sharks’ social lives are way more interesting than yours

Sperm counts among Western men have halved in last 40 years

What a fucking disgrace. So glad I left this party.

The Shakespeare that almost didn’t happen

The National Museum of China was the world’s most visited museum last year

The savage beauty of central Italy

What happened to video games based on movies?

Zen and the art of the world’s deadliest motorcycle race

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Weekend Links

“South Wind,” a strange literary best-seller, a hundred years later

Sad that this needs to be explained

“Trump should get off his phone and start lying to my face”

“Sean Hannity, the self-abasing monkey-butler of the Trump regime”

We wouldn’t want to depict pirates in a bad way! So stupid.

The Vatican’s statement on the Charlie Gard case is a disgrace

Picasso’s bulls

The romance of the eclipse

Life as a Lego master builder

A.E. Housman: The Laureate of Loneliness

Germany’s techno DJs, a thoughtful lot

Who names diseases and can they be improved?

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Afternoon Links

Lol. Oh Florida, how I love you so.

Good news. Civil asset forfeiture is where due process goes to die.

The hidden treasures in Italian libraries

New seafloor map reveals how strange the Gulf of Mexico is

Derek Turner reviews a new edition of Hans Holbein’s Dance of Death

Why Elvis memorabilia is plummeting in value

Why do we swim?

The power of singing hymns you don’t understand

Setting Whitman to music

Can Athens become Europe’s new arts capital?

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The Lunar Sea: The moon influences life in a surprising and subtle way…with its light.

The Trump family shouldn’t fight Shakespeare. They’ll lose.

Inside the 1950s LSD therapy that changed Cary Grant’s life

Detroit’s DIY cure for urban blight

Do androids dream of electric guitars? Exploring the future of musical A.I.

A history of the Giro d’Italia and what makes it so different from the Tour de France

Lol. Oh the irony.

Yep. Sad!

How the Democrats lost their way on immigration

Is Shakespeare over-lauded, over-performed, and over-taught? 

A history of moonshine


So, you want a Swiss health care system?

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Challenge accepted, Canada. Challenge accepted.

Saudi Arabia deports 15,000 Qatari camels

An unusually clear refutation from SCOTUS of the “hate speech is not free speech” nonsense

How did this idiot cop not get convicted? It’s unbelievable. Apparently, cops are a special class of citizen who can just shoot people if they happen to feel afraid. Infuriating.

Makes me sad. Used to be one of my favorite sites.

This common butterfly has an extraordinary sex life

Free speech, the goose, and the gander

The great past of the horse

Prince Philip’s early life

A look at Edgar Allan Poe’s prescient cosmology

Amedeo Modigliani may be the world’s most forged artist

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Your Morning Cup of Links

If you’re surprised that half of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from, you haven’t been paying attention for the last year.

The right continues to become the left. They even have their own “I need a safe space” anti-free speech hecklers now. Pathetic. It’s like a Pandora’s Box of stupid has opened in this country in the last year. “Hey guys, there’s a play about the dangers of mob response to misguided political violence. Let’s be that mob!” Truly the dumbest time to be alive. (P.S. It’s an anti-assassination play, guys.)

This woman is a bitch, but she didn’t kill anyone. This verdict is absurd. As is this one, but I think we all saw it coming.

This secretive billionaire makes the cheese for Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s

Bermuda’s laid-back allure

The scariest thing about the Congressional baseball shooter? His politics weren’t that odd, and his Facebook wasn’t that weird.

The first thing to say about the attempted massacre of congressional Republicans on a baseball field in suburban Virginia is that the motivations of the shooter were unusual. By which I mean that, based on what we know, James Hodgkinson had surprisingly normal political beliefs. He hated Donald Trump, he liked Bernie Sanders, he wanted higher taxes on the wealthy. He was not a Communist or a paranoid knight on a shadowy crusade, but an ordinary Midwestern Democrat with far more rage but the same frustrations as many decent liberals. Where modern assassinations are concerned, such normal partisan motivations are more unusual than you might think.

Hodgkinson’s seeming normalcy, his angry but relatively mainstream Democratic views, might be a warning sign for the future of our politics. The turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s generated segregationist terrorism on the right and a revolutionary underground on the left, but it did not produce much partisan terrorism, violence inspired simply by fear and hatred of the opposition party. Now, though, we hate each other simply for being Democrats and Republicans more than ever — and violence inspired simply by the polarization of the major parties would be a unique and novel threat.

We have the space to keep our bearings — which includes remembering that hot political rhetoric is a normal part of high-stakes debate, that lies are wicked but insults are very small-d democratic, that comparing self-aggrandizing presidents to Caesars is as American as apple pie, and that martial metaphors are not incitement. Only incitement is incitement. Police what you say for lies, for slander, for stupidity, for simple vileness. Don’t be Sean Hannity; don’t be Kathy Griffin. Abjure the sword, the gun, the bomb. But don’t parse your every word for what a maniac might make of it. This is a free country, and still, thank God, a mostly peaceful one. Say what you believe.

“If we follow the course we are on, we will see more unhappiness, more violence, more repressive national-security policies, less prosperity, less freedom, and less of anything that looks like the quite-good-enough America we already have….So, the election didn’t go your way. That means America is finished, defeated, corrupted beyond redemption? Grow up. Nobody said being free would be easy. We, all of us, have work to do — childish fantasies and childish temper tantrums aren’t getting it done. The next time you feel yourself tempted to call one of your fellow Americans a “traitor,” you should give some serious consideration to the infinitely preferable option of keeping your damned-fool mouth shut.”

Oh no, I hope they don’t bring value and convenience to American food consumption. That would be just terrible.

From Russia with blood

“The Bell Tolls For ‘Whom'” #TeamWhom

The Whitney’s identity problem

The reality of Joyce’s Ulysses

Why do Americans smile so much?


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Weekend Links

You’re supposed to be the grown-ups of the English-speaking peoples, UK. What the hell are you doing? Is there a worse politician in the world than Theresa May?

Elite high schools plot to undermine college admissions

India’s book-buying habits say a lot about the country’s economy

“The narrative the Democrats desperately want is that Trump is under FBI investigation for criminal activity that invalidates the 2016 election, and has committed impeachable offenses. The facts they actually have are a lot less sexy: a president who wouldn’t respect the FBI’s independence and couldn’t understand why the FBI Director couldn’t publicly exonerate him when he wasn’t under investigation. But those facts are ugly enough in what they say about Trump’s ability to run a government that inspires confidence in the impartial administration of justice.”

How the remains of five Archbishops of Canterbury were found by accident

Pet rats

Comey’s testimony was a self-inflicted disaster for Trump

Babies can recognize faces while still in the womb, scientists find

Expats flood Valencia

Is it wrong to tidy up Emily Dickinson’s “torturous” punctuation?

Torching the modern-day Library of Alexandria

Caravaggio’s compassion

Seoul’s Brutalist revival

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