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Firearms Friday


National reciprocity bill will apply to non-resident gun carry permits

Good. They should want to change it. Something else I’d like to change is the media’s terribly uninformed reporting on firearms issues. It’s pathetic. Seriously.

The Left doesn’t understand how gun ‘silencers’ work. Here are the facts.

19th Century rifles fished up 200 miles offshore continue on road to preservation

“Hunters don’t need bans to prevent them from using sniper equipment”

Best concealed carry revolver caliber on the market?

Canada to replace 1940s Browning Hi-Powers with new pistol

Colt brings back the Combat Commander 1911 for 2017


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Firearms Friday


“I’m not willing to sacrifice my family for your gun-free dreams”

American support for an ‘assault weapons ban’ just hit a record low

No, Hillary Clinton, the Supreme Court’s Heller decision wasn’t about toddlers

October gun sales see massive spike, set yet another record

Springfield Armory introduces new AR rifle: ‘The Saint’

NPR reporter has no idea what ‘Come and Take It’ means

Why every state should recognize other states’ gun laws

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Firearms Friday


Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes

Record gun sales in August

Using shooting gloves

Illinois background checks triple in August

Good guy with a gun stops Minnesota mall stabbing spree

Indiana sees surge in CCL applications, number of female gun carriers skyrockets

Watch The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah accidentally destroy the case for gun control

Missouri becomes the 11th constitutional carry state

The booby trap bra is a great option for packing heat on a run

Knocking down the leading myths about guns

Journalists should be a lot more skeptical of new gun study

Gun rights group files $12 million suit against Katie Couric over deceptive edit

The New York Timeslack of gun knowledge is embarrassing

“Lest anyone think this kind of training is a burden, or a sad concession to a broken and dangerous world, it is both challenging and enjoyable. The bonus is the people. Spend much time around the world of trainers and serious gun owners, and you’ll spend time with some of America’s best. American ‘gun culture’ ultimately isn’t about weapons, it’s about the people.”

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Firearms Friday

Dear sweet Christ, the stupidity:


The Second Amendment: How does it work? Progressives have no idea.

I am genuinely curious: is there any other constitutional right, or any other constitutional amendment, that is so consistently and so aggressively handled with such base and inexcusable stupidity, on so regular a basis, and on such an industrial scale? I am not sure. You don’t usually see arguments of this idiotic magnitude when it comes to, say, the Fourth Amendment, or the Sixth. You certainly see dumb interpretations of the First Amendment, but that’s usually a matter of degree, not kind: you will have people arguing that the First Amendment doesn’t protect “hate speech,” for instance, but nobody ever argues that the First Amendment only applies to state governments, say, rather than to individual members of the body politic.

Only the Second Amendment is subject to such illiterate and ahistorical analyses. Once you realize that, you can fully grasp why : many people simply do not like guns, and they will lie—or else keep themselves deliberately ignorant—to prevent other people from having them.

Kim Rhode is the first woman to medal in six straight Olympics. You haven’t heard of her because our gun culture is nothing like Norman Rockwell’s.

“The only holsters I wear”

A gun-mounted computer that will help you shoot better

The idiocy of the #CocksNotGlocks movement

New Honor Guard 9mm compact pistol from Honor Defense

Olympic shooters garner little fame, but rack up lucrative gun-industry endorsements

I hate him, but credit where credit is due. Good for Chris Christie.

Concealed carry permits soar 215%

Of course Hillary wants to ‘abolish’ the Second Amendment. She has said it repeatedly.

Real women reload

Common sense gun safety – handgun safes

Gear Review: SCOTTeVEST Annie concealed carry jacket

What’s important when assessing any trigger’s quality?

FN recalls SCAR rifles

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Firearms Friday


Armed and diverse

As one might expect, concealed carry has grown dramatically in popularity over the last decade or so, and, as one might expect, that growth has coincided with a remarkable drop in crime. Between 2007 and 2015, Lott reports, the “murder rates fell from 5.6 to 4.7 (preliminary estimate) per 100,000,” while “violent crime fell by 18 percent.” Over the same period, “the percentage of adults with permits has soared by 190%.” As for those “adults with permits” . . . well, they are most certainly not all old and white and male. On the contrary: Lott notes that in the “eight states where we have data by gender . . . since 2012 the number of permits has increased by 161% for women and by 85% for men.” That has meant a dramatic leap in the share of carry-permit holders who are women, a figure that has increased by almost half in Tennessee and Texas and a third in Florida.

A similar dynamic has developed within minority communities — at least, it has in the one state that keeps data by race. “Texas,” Lott records, “provides detailed information on both race and gender from 1996 through 2014.” And that information shows that permitting has increased fastest for blacks, followed closely by Asians. While whites still hold the vast majority of permits, the number of black permit holders has grown more than twice as quickly as the number of white permit holders. Moreover: When permit data is broken down by race and gender, we find that rates of permit holding among American Indian, Asian, black, and white females all grew much faster than the rates for males in those racial groups. Concealed carry has increased most rapidly among black females. From 2000 to 2015, the rate of growth was 3.81 times faster than among white females.

July gun sales crush previous record

Guys GUYS, Apple just solved our young-male-losers-shooting-up-places problem! WHY DID NO ONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE?!?

Guns: a family affair

Study: Law-Abiding Firearm Owners Really Don’t Commit Gun Crimes (Which Is What We’ve Been Telling You All Along)

Top 5 weird guns you never knew existed

Nazi officer Hermann Goering’s gold-plated pistol up for bid

Marine smashes 31-year-old National Trophy Rifle Team Match individual record

Smith & Wesson acquires Crimson Trace

Debunking the myths of appendix carry

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Firearms Friday

Ghost Gunner 2 moves AR production to the living room

Superb Dave Kopel summary of just how heavily involved with Second Amendment litigation gay activists have been.

The case for more concealed handguns

Concealed carrier prevents mass shooting at SC nightclub

Gun, ammo sales spike in wake of terror attack and gun control push

Why we will always needs to own guns

It’s a truth as clear and fundamental as any other: free men own weapons, slaves do not…Behind the surface of America’s “gun culture” exists a grim and simple truth: There is no protector; there is no guardian; there is no defender except oneself.

All through history, nations have fallen. No empire has ever withstood the march of history, and likewise our own will fail. We are far too young a nation to believe ourselves untouchable, and only through arrogance and naivety do we convince ourselves of our most dangerous folly: “It can’t happen to me.” The people of the West desperately need a reality check. We are so comfortable, so happy, and so ignorant of our own good fortune that we begin to believe humanity has changed. But more and more it becomes clear that this belief is unfounded, put to lie by the violence visited upon innocents across our nation. The wolves are among us once more, and no law will protect you. You are responsible for yourself.

What is it like to fire an AR-15? Comfortable and therapeutic.

Reminder: America is awash in guns, and crime is at record lows.

On guns, Democrats have lost their minds

Military uniforms are no substitute for arguments

Awesome: Huge LGBT turnout for free gun courses surprises shooting range owners

FBI goes back to 9mm with Glock

Browning FN Model 1910: The first shots of WWI

Little girl firing an AR-15 makes Daily News reporter look like a girl

They won’t care. It’s never about actual results for the Left, it’s simply about being able to say they’ve “done something.” The government routinely fails to enforce the gun laws we have on the books now and the Left doesn’t care.

Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in federal database

Alcoholic wife-beating Sun Times columnist tries to do his own “I can’t believe I bought a rifle so quickly!” story, it backfires badly.

The gun control farce: Democrats refuse to acknowledge the facts

Superb piece on the media’s disastrous Second Amendment reporting, in Slate (!!!) of all places.

Crowdfunding: The craze that’s giving small gun businesses a boost

Snub-nose revolvers get LaserLyte touch

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Firearms Friday

The Left’s phony war on guns

The assault weapons ban is a stupid idea pushed by stupid people

HAHAHAHAHAHA! These stories about ignorant Lefty journos committing felonies as they try and prove there are no gun laws will never cease to be hilarious.

No surprise here. Dems are the greatest gun salesmen in history.

“Of course it would have been better if someone had shot back”

Good: “Gun sales surge among gay, lesbians after Orlando shooting.” Awesome: “The Pink Pistols is a national gun club for gays and lesbians. It saw its membership soar from about 1,500 members on Saturday to 3,500 on Monday.”

The great gun control distraction

“Dear anti-gun liberals, Don’t tell me which gun I ‘need’ for self-defense

Conservative for gun control (read: actually enforcing the laws that are on the books)

Six things to know about tying gun sales to a watch list

Former Navy SEAL: The AR-15 as a citizen’s best defense against terrorism

One of the most hilarious, pathetic, and fact-free things I’ve ever read (it has since been stealth-edited to correct some of the falsehoods listed below). First of all, AR-15s are not machine guns. They are not automatic weapons. They are not military weapons. Second of all, unless you were beating yourself with it, I don’t know how you bruised your shoulder. ARs have very little recoil. That’s why they’re so popular. That’s why 9-year-old girls like to compete with them. Third, to say you got PTSD from it is insulting to all our military veterans who have actual PTSD from doing something actually traumatic. Fourth, ARs don’t use “clips” and they can’t fire “40 rounds in less than five seconds.” I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

If firing an AR-15 scares you, maybe you’re a sissy.

Gun dealer offers free concealed carry classes for LGBT shooters in Nashville


Slate goes all in on Second Amendment trutherism

Of course the Second Amendment protects an individual right

American citizen with no criminal record easily passes background check, wishes guy at the FBI would have hung out on the phone longer or something. Seriously, what is the point of these stories? “We want instant background checks!”
“Ok, here you go. We give you the National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS)!”
“OMG it’s so instant! WTF! It shouldn’t be this instant!”

An AR-15 wasn’t used in Orlando and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway

“In support of a total ban on civilians owning firearms” (not really)

Kudos to the Washington Post for calling out Senator Chris Murphy’s lies

Could concealed carry have saved lives in Orlando?

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