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Your Morning Cup of Links

‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Saffron growers look to get a foothold in the U.S.

This. Stop whining.

The French origins of think tanks

Good. More please.

Whitman’s first rule of manliness and health: eat meat

But not people. That’s very unhealthy.

America’s atheists

Conservatism for losers

Camille Paglia predicted 2017

Barbarians and the civilized

Michelangelo’s grave miscalculation

The environmentalist who unintentionally killed millions

Why youth wasn’t enough in Egypt

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Your Morning Cup of Links

“Giving the figments of your imagination a name and an involved back-story doesn’t make them real. It just makes you nuts.”

Massive, incredibly detailed statue of Ramses II found beneath Cairo neighborhood

Been weaning myself off lately. Social media is one of the worst things we’ve ever invented.

Were Gambia’s borders created by British cannonball fire?

“In crafting this bill, it does seem like Republicans in Congress forgot what it is that conservatives believe…Among them is the belief that the federal government cannot expand access to health insurance in both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. Even if it could, that isn’t the federal government’s job. The GOP replacement for ObamaCare pleases no one because it is an effort to synthesize two fundamentally incompatible philosophies.”

Oh goodie. More Trumpian big government, big spending Leftism to look forward to. Seriously, read this on Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure wish list – that no one is sure how to finance – and tell me how it differs from Bernie’s.

Using Shakespeare to ease the trauma of war

How the CIA forgot the art of spying

Did an earthquake shrink Mount Everest?

As I’ve told you before, Wikileaks characterization of leaked documents isn’t accurate. It’s running a disinformation campaign.

Asteroid mining sounds hard, right? You don’t know the half of it.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

A queer taste for macaroni

The art of medieval embroidery

The radical argument of the new Oxford Shakespeare

John Dixon Hunt revisits the life and work of English landscaper “Capability” Brown 

Religious art will never die

The thrill of the black marching band

A restaurant run by grandmas from all over the world

Why the Stonehenge tunnel is monumental folly

The President is off his meds again

Art and money

Because they’re idiots who need to get a life?


The blood of Komodo dragons is loaded with compounds that could be used as antibiotics, researchers found


Like I’ve been telling you for years, they’re not going to get rid of it. They actually might make it worseThis GOP health care bill is neither a repeal bill nor a replace bill. It’s more of a fix bill. Except it doesn’t fix anything. The ability of Republican leaders to park themselves at the exact intersection of bad policy and bad politics is really something to behold. The Left is going to scream no matter what, so maybe just go ahead and do the right thing, guys. To be fair, neither Trump nor most Americans are willing to do what actually needs to be done to fix the problem, so here we are. Most Americans want other people to pay for their stuff. That’s who we are now, sadly. Which is why I’ve been saying for years that Obamacare – or a version of it – is here to stay.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Is an altar cloth in a small parish church made from one of Elizabeth I’s skirts?

The National Library of Israel has acquired a vast private library of rare Jewish books

The man who made chess into a science

In defense of personal property

New photos show the Sistine Chapel as never before

Christie’s aims to score $70 million with rare Francis Bacon triptych

Take a literary vacation with Rail Europe


Is World Cat Day the only thing that can unify our fractured world?

RIP Tea Party: The anti-establishment movement embraces big government

Want millennials in your concert hall? Re-do your website.

Making a splash: The Tate dives into the art of David Hockney

Samuel Beckett after the Nobel 

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Saturn’s massive hexagonal storm is revealed up close in stunning new Cassini image

In NBC interview, former President George W. Bush reminds us what it was like to have an adult in charge

North Korea executes five senior officials with antiaircraft guns

ATF agents used a web of shadowy cigarette sales to funnel tens of millions of dollars into a secret bank account

When the enemy of your enemy is – your enemy

What an unbelievably terrible idea

American Girl has forgotten everything that made it unique

Iceland’s hottest new reality TV show is just a live stream of cats

Diary of a Gulag prison guard

On poetry protests and why there are so few well-known conservative poets

Truth and fiction in Jane Austen

“Necessity used to be what forced us to grow up. That was the stick, and sex was the carrot, and between the two of them young men were forced/inspired to get off their asses, go to work, and start families of their own from time immemorial until the day before yesterday.”

Inside the quiet, prophetic politics of C.S. Lewis

Is a preoccupation with equality the most dangerous threat to democracy? Alexis de Tocqueville thought so.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The world’s largest private Rembrandt collection goes on view at the Louvre

Good piece on the best movie of the year

Solar system that could support alien life discovered

Social media driving Americans insane

The mythic grandeur of old Hollywood is gone

What did Adam Smith really believe?

Dear GOP Congress,
Ignore the clown show in the White House and start passing reforms now. You probably won’t be in power for long.

Why the British tell better children’s stories

Squid communicate with a secret, skin-powered alphabet

Eiffel Tower to get €300 million facelift

The music of the Third Reich

For Ben Franklin’s birthday, his first piece of printing reappears

The music of meaning: how to listen to jazz

First synagogue in 500 years opens in Sicily 

The early life of Prince Edward VI 

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The story of David Bowie’s unfinished musical

Stolen Guercino altarpiece worth $6 million found in Morocco

How a young Antonin Scalia shaped Canada’s spy agencies

Lady Jane Grey — a quintessential Tudor

Obscure Gustav Klimt masterpiece will lead Sotheby’s London auction

The President isn’t the hero of the American story

The flaw in the Right’s media hate

The art of living and writing freely can save us from ourselves

Literature-loving writers can now work in Mark Twain’s library

We deserve a better press, and a better president, too. If you are the sort of partisan who cannot entertain the possibility that both of these things may be true at the same time, then you ought to consider the possibility that you are one of the reasons why we do not have a better press or a better president.”

“Zhou Youguang, the inventor of a system to convert Chinese characters into words with the Roman alphabet, died recently at the age of 111. Since his system was introduced nearly six decades ago, few innovations have done more to boost literacy rates in China and bridge the divide between the country and the West.”

How microbial infections might cause Alzheimer’s disease

Will the Crac des Chevaliers survive the Syrian Civil War?

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