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Your Morning Cup of Links

What a dumb time to be alive

Two Raphael paintings unearthed after 500 years

A music critic on why it’s so difficult to write about performances

The underlying cognitive dissonance of the Left and Right

The question that reveals the heart of the culture wars

Liberals have lost their minds over immigration

Trump’s tariffs are statism on the march

Camels disqualified from Saudi ‘camel beauty contest’ over use of Botox

Why do people visit art museums? 

The quest to preserve the live music that accompanied silent films

A long-forgotten 19th century opera about tabasco sauce gets a revival

This is pretty much how I feel about e-mail too

Inside Yale’s secret societies and why they no longer matter

Hemingway’s first short story found in Key West

The many lives of David Bowie

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This country is so screwed

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Afternoon Links

Yep. A stupid time to be alive.

The youths at Midway vs. the mob at Evergreen State


Lincoln’s faith

Social media is destroying America

Life after Caesar’s assassination

So stupid…and ironic

Short of severely curtailing civil liberties – which is obviously a terrible idea, especially considering civil liberties are already too curtailed in these countries – I don’t see a solution to Europe’s terrorism problem.

This is sad because of how true it is

Inside the Indian-American spelling bee community

Brian Vickers reviews two new complete works of Shakespeare and finds the American publication superior to the British

The allure of shipwrecks

Why is our culture obsessed with monsters?

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Afternoon Links

How a Galapagos bird lost the ability to fly

Hunting down the lost apples of the Pacific Northwest

How does the brain recognize faces? Scientists now know.

So embarrassing

The cult of Trump masks the failure of this administration

America doesn’t have a successor

The idea that acting like a grown-up is “antiquated” and shouldn’t be encouraged is a big part of the Left’s problem.

What is the function of criticism?

Don’t let the Left’s hysteria keep us from stewarding nature

Inside the fight for Mosul

The untold story of the audiobook

The enduring appeal of personal letters

Where do pianists look when they play?

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Afternoon Links

His fathomless lack of interest in America’s path to the present and his limitless gullibility leave him susceptible to being blown about by gusts of factoids that cling like lint to a disorderly mind.”

“The angel is forever handcuffed to the ape”

What a dumb time to be alive

Correct. This is the main problem with Trump’s tweeting.

How jazz, flappers, European emigrés, booze and cigarettes transformed design

Can’t believe this needs to be explained to people but, no, the AHCA does not make rape a pre-existing condition.

Lincoln, not Jackson

Researchers have developed a device that allows you to play an instrument by thinking

Reading is good for your health

We’re all murderers now

Just another day in the Drug War

The story of the most valuable stamp in the world

Painter inspired by indigenous art accused of ‘cultural genocide’ by lunatics

Like most of Trump’s executive orders, the religious liberty EO is worthless

This will probably suck.


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Your Morning Cup of Links

Oh shut the fuck up

Good, good. Let the Wall Street money flow through you.

Cassini plunges through Saturn’s ‘Big Empty’


Very sad

LOL “If Trump is cool with the shitty Democratic policy we used to hate then we’re cool with it too!” What a party of morons.

The rule of law is partly responsible for ‘Mario Kart’s’ success

Hilarious. Are you sick of all the winning yet?

New York’s vanishing diner culture

The case for reading John Milton today

Trump’s executive orders are mostly theater

“First 100 days suggest our democracy is more likely to die in dumbness than in darkness”

“For those at Berkeley celebrating what they believe to be a moral victory, consider this: As much as you may detest Ann Coulter, she has never used violence or the threat of violence to keep someone from speaking. She is a better citizen than you are, with a deeper commitment to genuinely liberal and humane values. You may call yourselves the anti-fascists, but your black-shirt routine — along with your glorification of political violence and your rejection of liberal and democratic norms — suggest that the “anti” part of that formulation is not entirely appropriate. Perhaps you are only young and ignorant, but if you had any power of introspection at all, you would see that you are the thing you believe yourselves to be fighting. You are the oppressors, the censors, the violent, the hateful, the narrow-minded, the reactionary.”

A Japanese scholar on his collection of Middle English manuscripts

The Left’s pants-shitting hysteria over the NEA was for no reason. I told them this President would work out way better for them than for me.

Andrew Roberts reviews the 19th volume of the Churchill Documents

Flannery O’Connor and the way of violence

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Lol. Like I said, you’re going to get single payer, and all I can do at this point is laugh.

Be sure to share the Bloomberg story about this on Facebook using the Windows PC you bought on Amazon, all on the internet powered by Oracle using fiber-optic cable shipped by BNSF.

Unreal. What a bunch of cowards.

Why is the word for wine so similar across languages?

The greatness of tiny churches

The last bookbinder on the Lower East Side

The brilliance of a Stradivari violin might rest within its wood

Unbelievable. A final “fuck you” to America on the way out.

Key part of this essay is the civic consequences of colleges turning out a bunch of credulous dolts.

Progressives destroyed normalcy, now are shocked Trump isn’t normal

Lol awesome


Seattle has a secret mermaid society

Why national unity remains so elusive

Academics race to save rare colonial documents in Cuba


Tolstoy on Broadway


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