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Your Morning Cup of Links

Lol. Like I said, you’re going to get single payer, and all I can do at this point is laugh.

Be sure to share the Bloomberg story about this on Facebook using the Windows PC you bought on Amazon, all on the internet powered by Oracle using fiber-optic cable shipped by BNSF.

Unreal. What a bunch of cowards.

Why is the word for wine so similar across languages?

The greatness of tiny churches

The last bookbinder on the Lower East Side

The brilliance of a Stradivari violin might rest within its wood

Unbelievable. A final “fuck you” to America on the way out.

Key part of this essay is the civic consequences of colleges turning out a bunch of credulous dolts.

Progressives destroyed normalcy, now are shocked Trump isn’t normal

Lol awesome


Seattle has a secret mermaid society

Why national unity remains so elusive

Academics race to save rare colonial documents in Cuba


Tolstoy on Broadway


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Your Morning Cup of Links

Why does Trump’s Russia fealty matter? Because it could lead U.S. allies not to share intel, making us less safe.

The Sokal affair will never be anything less than hilarious.


The spasms of student attempts at “decolonization” are almost always ill-conceived…There’s something adorably naive about expecting the major poets of a language that was primarily spoken in one section of one island for half a millennium to be representative of all global voices. No one makes this demand of literature in other languages. We don’t expect to find Welsh, Brazilian, or Caribbean voices among the major Polish language poets…If students really want to encounter classical poetry produced by non-whites, they have options. They can study the relative handful of languages that produced significant literature before the modern period. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, and Urdu come to mind. These are all worthy subjects crying out for more scholarship.

But there’s a catch. And it is what catches our activists out. Studying an ancient language to discover non-white voices is challenging and requires real work. You cannot pass the final exams just by repeating a number of fashionable political slogans. And perhaps activist students do not study these languages because they correctly suspect they won’t find much written in these languages that qualifies as politically correct by the standards of 2017. In fact, you will find in these literatures exactly the kind of messages that activists least like to hear. Lessons like: Humble yourself and mortify your ambitions.

This is lovely.

What a dumb time to be alive

Rand’s plan is the answer, but it will never pass

Police reform, like education reform, is a must. And in both cases, unions are the main problem.

If Pryor is the SCOTUS pick the 4th Amendment will get weaker. He’s a terrible replacement for Scalia.

Lol. Endorse.

These people are insane.

Having an IUD token in the game of Monopoly would solve several longstanding issues. It would emphasize that access to reliable birth control is an important factor that enables people to become real estate magnates in Atlantic City. It’s hard to find the capital, time, and energy to buy up property when you or your partner is unexpectedly pregnant or raising a child, you know. Until now, Monopoly has consistently ignored birth control’s contributions to capitalist society.

The forbidden fruit of Cuba isn’t cigars – it’s rum

So Trump will enter the White House under Senate investigation. For espionage.

Dogs can form autobiographical memories, research suggests

Empire of booze: No nation had more influence on alcohol than 18th-century Britain.

Why some people love snow

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Afternoon Links

The questions that should have been asked at Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing

What a bunch of morons

Saying nice things about your wife is sexist, guys.

Rafsanjani was Iran’s mythical ‘moderate’

Putin’s newest export: terrorists

Russia’s forgotten anti-Stalinist playwright

Chee-Yun’s buried violin

I fail to see the problem with his behavior.

Wow. What a life.

The (social) life of the mind in England

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Roman antiquity missing since World War II found in Russia

How Bugs Bunny and ‘Kill the Wabbit’ inspired a generation of opera stars

A brief history of the GRU

A bird identification app

Buckley, the master obituarist

The hard-edged vision of Carmen Herrera

Why the CIA won’t go public with evidence of Russia’s hacking. (This should be obvious, but just in case it’s not…)

Obama has been an utter failure. He is LBJ without the expertise.

O come, let us adore this little-known Spanish painter

Murals saved by Shakespeare’s father restored

The parochial progressive obsession with Ayn Rand:

Bring up your undying love of Atlas Shrugged at the typical conservative gathering and people will smile at you and try very hard not to roll their eyes. Some people think of her novels as a kind of guilty adolescent enthusiasm now grown out-of-date, an intellectual mullet, a stage one goes through between the ages of 14 and 20. Some people use Atlas Shrugged as a totem — it had a moment at the cresting of the Tea Party phenomenon. But it is rare to meet actual adult human beings who organize their politics views (or, for pity’s sake, their lives) around Ayn Rand and her views. I don’t think National Review has a single Randian in the house; I’d be surprised if the Weekly Standard did, and if one showed up at Commentary then John Podhoretz would simply mock him out of existence. Strangely, our progressive friends insist that the Right is entirely in thrall to the ideas of Ayn Rand.

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Oh fuck off


Congrats to the humorless Leftist pricks on Twitter who made Cinnabon delete and apologize for this cute tweet (which I’m confident Carrie Fisher would have found funny).


Oh and then Steve Martin dared to say Carrie Fisher was beautiful in his tribute tweet and you scolds hounded him until he deleted that too. You’re the reason we have Trump, you stupid motherfuckers.

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How embarrassing

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The forgotten brothers Le Nain

War and Peace for Dummies”

The new politicized Tate Modern

Why should axing due process stop with the Second Amendment?

“Men did greater things when it was harder to see boobs”

The jacket that still smells of Einstein

What modern printmakers can learn from Rembrandt

Chicago teacher skips strike to coach national championship chess team, union tries to garnish his wages

Pleaded the Fifth 125 times

The Kerry-Zarif bromance has become too much for the US Treasury Department

Imagine my surprise: A former top Clinton official pushed for the Iran deal, without disclosing that he was being paid by Boeing, which stood to profit from the deal.

The sins of the elite don’t excuse the sins of the people

“The mainstream Right has never claimed that the murder of military members at Fort Hood by a jihadist required Democrats to support more military spending. We never claimed that the jihadist had been motivated by an anti-military culture generated by the Left. When Donald Trump idiotically suggested that Barack Obama might be a secret Muslim in league with ISIS, Republicans nearly universally condemned him. The same isn’t true of the Left…To the Left, failure to support their agenda is tantamount to support for murder. There are no shades of gray in the Left’s view of the Right — we disagree, and thus we are evil…That’s because the Left doesn’t believe in the basic concept of rights. The Left believes that you have a right to behave as they say you should behave — no more, no less.”

This is what Democrats did a sit-in in favor of:

In 2005, Rahinah Ibrahim, a Malaysian architecture professor and doctoral candidate at Stanford University, went to San Francisco International Airport where she was told that she couldn’t board an airplane. Her name was on a government no-fly list of suspected terrorists. Eight years of court battles later, a federal judge agreed that Ibrahim didn’t belong on the list. The FBI ultimately acknowledged that she ended up on there because an agent investigating her had checked the wrong box on a form, said her attorney, Elizabeth Pipkin.

The FBI has sole authority to add people to the list — without going to court. People can contest their inclusion, but secrecy makes appeals difficult. The government doesn’t have to say why it suspects someone of being a potential terrorist. Ibrahim became the first and only person to be removed from the no-fly list by the courts, but Pipkin said it took “eight years and $4 million of pro bono attorney work to accomplish that feat.”

A book for teaching children (and Greekless grown-ups) Greek

Herman Melville, known in his day as a sexual adventurer, had an attractive, literary neighbor, Sarah Morewood. Was she the muse of Moby-Dick?

So proud of you, Britain. So proud. Your laws should be made in Parliament, not Brussels. You made the right decision. But never forget, the greatest Brexit of all time already happened…


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