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Your Morning Cup of Links

‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Saffron growers look to get a foothold in the U.S.

This. Stop whining.

The French origins of think tanks

Good. More please.

Whitman’s first rule of manliness and health: eat meat

But not people. That’s very unhealthy.

America’s atheists

Conservatism for losers

Camille Paglia predicted 2017

Barbarians and the civilized

Michelangelo’s grave miscalculation

The environmentalist who unintentionally killed millions

Why youth wasn’t enough in Egypt

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Robert Graves, reluctant war poet

Take a 360 ride through a massive model train set

Plutarch’s moralism

Asshole attacks Thomas Gainsborough painting at National Gallery

HAHAHAHA perfect

You’re telling me if government doesn’t do something people will get off their asses and do it themselves? Madness! (By the way, the panic over Meals on Wheels is absurd.)


Congrats, taxpayers!

Why do we sleep?

What an embarrassing shitshow. Gravely insulting our closest ally on basis of a crank theory floated by a dope on Fox News.

The man who made science fiction

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The surprising rising popularity of board games

Netflix to restore and release unfinished Orson Welles film

Unbelievable. Literacy is racist, guys.

The best Sinclair Lewis novels for these crazy times

Franz Kafka’s posthumous short stories

Bosch and Bruegel

The passions of Elizabeth Bishop

The poetry, politics, and madness of Ezra Pound

Mussolini’s last lover 

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Your Morning Cup of Links

The curse of the bahia emerald, a giant green rock that ruins lives

In Phil Campbell, Alabama, his name is my name too

We need more ‘useless’ knowledge

On the pleasures and endurance of letters

Egypt’s unfinished revolution

Don’t dismiss the grand piano

Welcome to the future range of the woolly mammoth

The perils of Jacksonian governance

How two English authors helped start the Spanish Civil War

Did Steven Spielberg ruin the movies?

Time crystals created, suspending laws of physics

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Your Morning Cup of Links

“Giving the figments of your imagination a name and an involved back-story doesn’t make them real. It just makes you nuts.”

Massive, incredibly detailed statue of Ramses II found beneath Cairo neighborhood

Been weaning myself off lately. Social media is one of the worst things we’ve ever invented.

Were Gambia’s borders created by British cannonball fire?

“In crafting this bill, it does seem like Republicans in Congress forgot what it is that conservatives believe…Among them is the belief that the federal government cannot expand access to health insurance in both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. Even if it could, that isn’t the federal government’s job. The GOP replacement for ObamaCare pleases no one because it is an effort to synthesize two fundamentally incompatible philosophies.”

Oh goodie. More Trumpian big government, big spending Leftism to look forward to. Seriously, read this on Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure wish list – that no one is sure how to finance – and tell me how it differs from Bernie’s.

Using Shakespeare to ease the trauma of war

How the CIA forgot the art of spying

Did an earthquake shrink Mount Everest?

As I’ve told you before, Wikileaks characterization of leaked documents isn’t accurate. It’s running a disinformation campaign.

Asteroid mining sounds hard, right? You don’t know the half of it.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

A queer taste for macaroni

The art of medieval embroidery

The radical argument of the new Oxford Shakespeare

John Dixon Hunt revisits the life and work of English landscaper “Capability” Brown 

Religious art will never die

The thrill of the black marching band

A restaurant run by grandmas from all over the world

Why the Stonehenge tunnel is monumental folly

The President is off his meds again

Art and money

Because they’re idiots who need to get a life?


The blood of Komodo dragons is loaded with compounds that could be used as antibiotics, researchers found


Like I’ve been telling you for years, they’re not going to get rid of it. They actually might make it worseThis GOP health care bill is neither a repeal bill nor a replace bill. It’s more of a fix bill. Except it doesn’t fix anything. The ability of Republican leaders to park themselves at the exact intersection of bad policy and bad politics is really something to behold. The Left is going to scream no matter what, so maybe just go ahead and do the right thing, guys. To be fair, neither Trump nor most Americans are willing to do what actually needs to be done to fix the problem, so here we are. Most Americans want other people to pay for their stuff. That’s who we are now, sadly. Which is why I’ve been saying for years that Obamacare – or a version of it – is here to stay.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Sex and death in Homer

Otherworldly architecture in Japan’s magical mountainside

Newly discovered Mark Twain children’s story to be released this fall

Submerged in the cosmic kingdom

‘Walden,’ the video game

How the bald eagle became a nuisance

The Spartan way of life

Istanbul: A tale of three cities

How good was Evelyn Waugh?

The Victorian influence on African-American writers 

A nation changed by breakfast

The visual artists who inspired Brahms

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