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Oh fuck off


Congrats to the humorless Leftist pricks on Twitter who made Cinnabon delete and apologize for this cute tweet (which I’m confident Carrie Fisher would have found funny).


Oh and then Steve Martin dared to say Carrie Fisher was beautiful in his tribute tweet and you scolds hounded him until he deleted that too. You’re the reason we have Trump, you stupid motherfuckers.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

OMG, you guys. Cards Against Humanity, but with Shakespeare. Be still my heart.

Here are a bunch of police officers who need to be fired.

When polarization gets dangerous

How museums have gone from being about something to being for somebody

Beach Boys song too sexually offensive for University of Kentucky

How misguided federal policies keep Native Americans trapped in poverty

Ambiance for a Victorian spirit at a bar called Oscar Wilde

LOL Shocking!

Just another attack by our friend Russia

This will be a disaster. Yet another reason to wean myself off of Facebook.

Philip Larkin gets his memorial stone at Westminster Abbey

English medieval embroidery might seem an odd subject for a book, but this is no ordinary volume.

An “essential” Goethe that is anything but

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Unusually Stupid Primates of the Week

The Trump insurgency, in a nutshell: people who are too stupid to know what a “classical liberal” is.


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Unusually Stupid Primates of the Week


Jesus fucking Christ. This may be the first election in which all the major candidates genuinely reflect the stupidity and ignorance of the average American. We get the candidates we deserve. Also, enough with the Russia love, you morons. Putin doesn’t want to hold hands with us. He is our enemy. He wants whatever is bad for America and the Western world. Get it through your fucking heads. And a few minutes later this happened: Obama’s clown former ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill mocks Johnson while simultaneously saying that Aleppo is the capital of ISIS (it’s not).

Oh, and the New York Times doesn’t know what Aleppo is either:


So, congrats to everyone for being on the same ignorant page. It’s a real shame we don’t have a technology yet where you can type words into a machine and find out information about them in mere seconds.

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Unusually Stupid Primates of the Week

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Your Morning Cup of Links

What is American cheese, anyway?

Perfect. It’s just so perfect.

A multi-level marketer who peddles pseudoscience—and whose product is endorsed by America’s leading conspiracy theorist—is scheduled to speak in a primetime slot Wednesday at the Republican National Convention.
Michelle Van Etten was presented by the RNC in a Sunday evening press release as a “small business owner” who “employs over 100,000 people.” That’s roughly 1.5 times the number of employees Apple employs in the United States, making it a highly unlikely claim. For such a supposedly large employer, she has flown under the radar—until the announcement of her speech at the convention, there was no record of her business work in the press.
Van Etten is involved in selling products that claim to improve health and even fight cancer, all based on dubious science. And as you peel the story back, every single layer is fascinating: there’s Alex Jones hysteria, pyramid-scheme-style marketing, and questionable Clemson University research.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This man cannot be president.

Donald J. Trump, on the eve of accepting the Republican nomination for president, explicitly raised new questions on Wednesday about his commitment to automatically defending NATO allies if they are attacked, saying he would first look at their contributions to the alliance. Asked about Russia’s threatening activities, which have unnerved the small Baltic States that are among the more recent entrants into NATO, Mr. Trump said that if Russia attacked them, he would decide whether to come to their aid only after reviewing if those nations have “fulfilled their obligations to us.”

Mr. Trump’s statement appeared to be the first time that a major candidate for president had suggested conditioning the United States’ defense of its major allies. It was consistent, however, with his previous threat to withdraw American forces from Europe and Asia if those allies fail to pay more for American protection.

Mr. Trump also said he would not pressure Turkey or other authoritarian allies about conducting purges of their political adversaries or cracking down on civil liberties. The United States, he said, has to “fix our own mess” before trying to alter the behavior of other nations. “I don’t think we have a right to lecture,” Mr. Trump said in a wide-ranging interview in his suite in a downtown hotel here, while keeping an eye on television broadcasts from the Republican National Convention. “Look at what is happening in our country,” he said. “How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?”

Mr. Trump had nothing but praise for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country’s increasingly authoritarian but democratically elected leader. “I give great credit to him for being able to turn that around,” Mr. Trump said of the coup attempt on Friday night. “Some people say that it was staged, you know that,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

Asked if Mr. Erdogan was exploiting the coup attempt to purge his political enemies, Mr. Trump did not call for the Turkish leader to observe the rule of law, or Western standards of justice. “When the world sees how bad the United States is and we start talking about civil liberties, I don’t think we are a very good messenger,” he said.

Every Trumpkin I know would be having a goddamn meltdown if Obama had said that last line. That argument – that America is too immoral to promote human rights – is a carbon copy of Cold War Soviet propaganda, by the way.

The taverns of the American Revolution

“Political liberty under the rule of law is a fragile condition, and it requires us to be better than this.”

Swiss seize Monet, van Gogh works amid US probe of fund 1MDB


Revisiting the Great Hound Match of 1905

“‘Vote Your Conscience’ Was A Rorschach Test, And Donald Trump’s Campaign Failed” Yep. The constant mind-numbing incompetence is just stunning.

It didn’t have to be a complete disaster. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) didn’t say a negative thing about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Cleveland on Wednesday night. A savvy, disciplined campaign could have used the three words from Cruz that set off a political firestorm — “vote your conscience” — to the campaign’s advantage.

The only sensible Trump response to “vote your conscience” and “vote for freedom and candidates with principles” was to thank Cruz for the rousing speech and his commitment to conservative principles. Praise him for his defense of freedom, and then turn his call to “vote your conscience” into an endorsement of Trump’s agenda. After all, there’s only one candidate in the race who wants to put America first, there’s only one candidate who wants to keep America safe, there’s only one candidate who has what it takes to Make America Great Again. If you believe in restoring American greatness, then your conscience can only tell you one thing: vote Trump. If you believe in restoring the values that made America the greatest in nation in history, then your conscience can only tell you one thing: vote Trump. If you believe that strong leadership and a commitment to the American people are what’s required to keep this country strong, then your conscience can only tell you one thing: vote Trump.

That’s all Trump’s team had to do. They had hours (an eternity in campaign time), if not days, to prepare for it. They could’ve flooded the zone with surrogates pushing that message. They could’ve worked it into Gingrich’s and Pence’s speeches…The Trump campaign could’ve mitigated the damage. Trump and his campaign staff might’ve even been able to turn the liability Cruz created into a small asset for the campaign. But they didn’t. Instead of biting their tongues, they took the bait. Two billion dollars in free media can buy a major political party’s presidential nomination, but it unfortunately can’t buy a campaign a lick of discipline or common sense.

I can’t even

“I Made a Shipwreck Expert Watch The Little Mermaid And Judge Its Nautical Merits”


“So while this nominating convention is a spectacle with plenty to laugh at, in reality, it is a tragedy. It exposes a systemic failure at every level of our society.”

A Viking ship that set sail for the Great Lakes is getting conquered by U.S. regulations

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Your Morning Cup of Links

This is lovely

Shakespeare: Actor. Playwright. Social Climber.

What a dumb time to be alive

This is banana republic stuff, but Republicans nominated Trump, so none of it matters.

“Middle Easterners are among the least ‘politically correct’ people in the entire world. The very idea of Western-style ‘political correctness’ in the Middle East is absurd. They are far less ‘sensitive,’ in the progressive sense of that word, than virtually anyone in the United States. And they know damn well that ISIS is Islamic. We’re not earning any points with our allies in the Muslim world by denying this, nor would we alienate any of them by acknowledging it.”

This is an absolutely insane thing to say, but nothing that comes out of this idiot’s mouth surprises me anymore. Completely delusional.

This is appalling. She has no idea who Dan is. Her producers must have told her she was interviewing Farage and she didn’t know the difference. How embarrassing.

JFC. Maybe we should spend more time on Code of Conduct training and less on diversity training. Just a thought.

So weird that the Israelis can’t make peace with these people. Just so, so weird.

Not surprising at all. Chechens/recruits from Caucuses are among the largest groups inside ISIS.

Because they don’t want to ruin the special relationship they have with Turkey. Next question.

Why did the Western die?

Gustav Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer paintings to be reunited at the Neue Galerie

“Everyone.” Ok, Bubble Boy.

As usual, Kevin Williamson says what needs to be said: normal people cannot vote for Trump.

Well done, NASA. Well done.

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